When you use our equipment, we want reliability to be something you don’t have to think about. So, it’s pretty simple… we build “unbreakable” stuff.

It’s pretty simple… we build “unbreakable” stuff

In the beginning…

ANBO Manufacturing has been crafting high quality tractor attachments in the USA since 1967. Over the years they had many things to be proud of. They had a long list of dealers reselling our attachments, large corporate custom projects, and countless direct sales customers. But then unfortunately in the middle of that, their doors closed in 2018 when the owner unexpectedly passed away.

…but now

But thankfully, that’s not the end of the story. In March of 2020, we changed hands to a new ownership. We are happy to say we are still family owned, everything is 100% USA-made, and we are working hard on any areas that may need improvement. We love building “unbreakable” stuff and designing things that make your life easier.

The fun backstory

The fun backstory is that the new owner was first a customer for 12 years. He owned multiple ANBO attachments and was so impressed with the quality and durability of everything he used, that when he heard ANBO had shut down, he immediately started working on a way to reopen the doors so we could all still keep using these stand-out-from-the-crowd attachments. It goes to show that when you treat your customer right, they will also treat you right you in the future. Here’s to the future, and here’s to YOU… our customers!