ANBO prides themselves in manufacturing the highest quality attachments money can buy. Their steel is notably bulletproof, so ANBO attachments can withstand any weather. ANBO makes it a point to over build our attachments to the strongest capacity for the machines, using AR-400 steel. AR-400 is known for being super abrasion resistant, making it perfect material for all weather capacities.

Not only does ANBO use the highest quality steel, but they also use quality cylinders from Dalton Hydraulics in the manufacturing of their attachments. Another notable attribute of ANBO attachments is that they use double braided hoses as opposed to single braid, allowing more working pressure against hydraulic spiking. Finally, ANBO designs their attachments using in house quality control by experienced engineers, ensuring the highest quality bulletproof attachments on the market.

In The Paint Booth With Our Attachments

Here at ANBO, we strive to do every step of the procedure of manufacturing on site. This includes the painting of the attachments, which is done in our very own paint room. Once the attachments have been welded and complete, they are then ready for their “makeover”. They are taken into the paint room, where they are strung on chains from the ceiling and hung in rows.

Prepping some grapples for paint

Next, ANBO employees use paint guns to spray in a sweeping, back and forth motion, leaving even lines of paint on the steel surface. (This is not easy work, and can involve getting up and down from the floor many times!) Once the coats are even, it is time to let them dry.

Fresh coat of our custom paint