To boost company moral, ANBO enjoys having team meetings where we bring snacks and beverages, and stay up to date on current business communications. This gives our different departments ample time to ensure everyone is on the same page, plus provide a little treat for our awesome ANBO employees. Holding quarterly meetings keeps a sense of community and family among our employees. We know that good business is not just formed on the customer’s satisfaction, but on that of its employees as well.

ANBO holds a continuous open door policy among our employees, but we know the importance of making sure each employee feels valued and part of the team. Our company meetings are a great opportunity to allow each employee time to express any concerns or ask any questions they may have in a safe and peaceful atmosphere. Being located in such a small town, it is important to us that both our customers and our employees feel at home here at ANBO, and feel comfortable bringing their opinions to the table. ANBO values all input on how we can strive to do better in any aspect of business.